An Expat’s Top 10 Decorating Ideas: Easy and Inexpensive Options for Everyone

Kathryn M. McCullough

Let’s face it. Life can be complicated and messy, no matter where you live.

But when moving overseas, folks face even more challenges. Whether it’s something as simple as not flushing toilet tissue in the developing world or something as difficult as learning to live comfortably with less or without first world conveniences and products, the adjustments may be many.

But, the fact of the matter is, interior design can become expensive and overwhelming for anyone, anywhere.

Still, some of us encounter home-making and decorating complications because we move abroad with only our cat and six suitcases or because we’re waiting for a shipping container to arrive from North America or Europe. In either case, we’re forced to adapt and make do. We’re forced, not only think outside of, but in some cases literally live without the twenty-foot, steel box steaming toward Ecuador, India, or Indonesia.

(Pity the poor expat planning…

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